Terms & Conditions


  • In Fair Deal car Rental the minimum rental period can't be less than one day (24 hours).The rental start from the pick up time.In case of a delay collection with out inform the company  hourly charges may apply (1/5 of the daily rate).
  • The renter must be minimum 23 years old for car groups A,B and up to 25 years old for all other groups. A driving licence to be valid the renter must have it at least one year.
  • No deposit required , there is no need the renter to give a credit card for security deposit.
  • Taxes are included in the final total price (VAT 24%).
  • The renter can pay in cash or credit card on arrival or on line by credit card.
  • The prices include the folowing insurance:

    a .C.D.W (colission damage waiver in case of accident) NO EXCESS
    b.Theft & Fire protection NO EXCESS
    c. Personal Accident Insurance 
    d. Third Party Liability Insurance 
    e. Option For Total Vehicle Protection (S C.D.W ) NO EXCESS
  • S.C.D.W(Super Collision Damage Waiver) is not included in the price, is an optional service
    wich if accepted reduces your financial liability for damage to 
    tires, glasses, mirrors, accesories & undercariegee of the vehicle to ZERO OWN RISK.The cost of this coverage is 4 euros or 5 euros per day depends on the the car group of the renter's choice. Otherwise there is an excess for this car parts and the cost is 400 euros for A1,B,C,D,E,H,J,J1,H1,C1,E1 , 5 for F,G,I,K,I1,E2,G1,E3,E4,E5,K1,E7 or 9 euros per day for L,J2,J3 depends on the the car group of the renter's choice. Otherwise there is an excess for this car parts and the cost is 400 euros for A1,B,C,D,E,H,J,J1,H1,C1,E1 500 euros for  F,G,I,K,I1,E2,G1,E3,E4,E5,K1,E7 & 900 euros for L,J2,J3 .
  • The renter can not choose a spacific car type from the car group. The car will be given at the renter will be one of the cars that are included in the car group of his choice. in case of no availability from this car group another car will be supplied of the same value or more.
  • FREE delivery and collection to the airport, port from 8:00 a.m. to 22:00 p.m.In case of a later delivery the renter will be charged  15 euros for the representative.
  • All reservations will be confirmed or not by email from a representative of our company after the reservation has been sent.
  • All traffic fines resulting from violation of the Greek traffic law during the rental period are at the renter's expense. Failure to report or pay for the fines results in details sent to the authorities to send on the fine with penalties.
  • Our policy for Fuel is not business, How the renter pick up the car this how must be at the collection, during the rental period the fuel is paid by the renter. NO refunds given.
  • Customers wishing to drive the car out of Corfu must have the advance authorization from the company.
  • All the transactions must be in euro currency. The currency shown on the site is according to greek bank's excange and it is updated monthly.